Amaan Baig – over 1 month old

I had my son (Amaan Baig) circumcised in August 2007 when he was just over a month old. Since this is our 1st child, my husband and I were very concerned about the procedure. Dr. Malik was very calm and explained the entire procedure patiently and answered all our queries before beginning. He kept reassuring us even during the procedure and was extremely gentle and very knowledgeable. His experience at this was quite evident. Once the procedure was over, he remained with us for another hour or so just to monitor Amaan. We found that quite comforting. For days after the procedure I was in regular contact with Dr. Malik. The aftercare was excellent. I was able to send photographs to his mobile which he then examined and advised accordingly. My son is now 10 months old and is doing very well. He has had no complications at all. I would definitely be calling on Dr. Malik again in the future should I have more sons.

Aneesa Baig