Dorian – 10 weeks old

After a comprehensive discussion explaining the procedure and after care, Dorian was circumcised in less than 5 minutes, pain free. All the instructions were extremely helpful and Dr Malik was on call every day and at all hours to calm us parents through a week long after care taking us very seriously. The only person who didn’t realise anything was going on was Dorian himself. Adar Cohen

Samir – 4 months old

Samir was aged 4 months ago when he was done. We found the service very professional. The entire procedure was explained fully to us and our natural concerns for such a delicate operation were eased immediately. Dr Malik’s level of experience in this field was clearly evident and his aftercare service exemplary. I would not hesitate to use his services again in the future. Karl

Amaan Baig – over 1 month old

I had my son (Amaan Baig) circumcised in August 2007 when he was just over a month old. Since this is our 1st child, my husband and I were very concerned about the procedure. Dr. Malik was very calm and explained the entire procedure patiently and answered all our queries before beginning. He kept reassuring us even during the procedure and was extremely gentle and very knowledgeable. His experience at this was quite evident. Once the procedure was over, he remained with us for another hour or so just to monitor Amaan. We found that quite comforting. For days after the procedure I was in regular contact with Dr. Malik. The aftercare was excellent. I was able to send photographs to his mobile which he then examined and advised accordingly. My son is now 10 months old and is doing very well. He has had no complications at all. I would definitely be calling on Dr. Malik again in the future should I have more sons.
Aneesa Baig

Henry – 10 days old

Dr Malik circumcised our son, Henry, when he was about 10 days old. Prior to the procedure, I had been quite anxious about putting my new baby through such a ‘traumatic’ experience and the risks involved. I really appreciated the time you took to explain how the plastibell procedure worked and what Henry would feel. It was very reassuring to understand what was happening and how I could help to make it as painless as possible. I can confidently say that Henry was in safe hands and that he didn’t suffer anything more than the initial scratch of the local anesthetic injection. During the aftercare period, it was very helpful to have the notes Dr Malik gave us explaining what to do and what to expect. In the end it was all incredibly straightforward and worry free. I won’t hesitate to call him again if Henry ever has a little brother! Katherine Ball

Leo – 8 weeks old

My name is Louise and I’m mum to Leo who is eight weeks old. I was very worried about the surgery, but I cannot express enough that it isn’t as bad as you would anticipate. Dr Malik was very professional before, during and after the procedure. He also provided great aftercare and kept in touch on a daily basis. I will definitely be using Dr Malik again if I ever have another boy. Louise

Adam – 1 week old

Dr. Malik circumsized our then week old baby, Adam on 10 January 2008 at the comfort of our own home with full hospital-like care and professionalism. Before Dr. Malik performed the operation, he explained the procedure, and the required aftercare in great details, which was very helpful and assuring for worried new parents like us. We followed his exact after care instructions and Adam had no complications whatsoever and fully healed in 4 days! We would definitely use Dr. Malik’s service if we have another baby boy. Zaid and Hala

Michael – 5 days old

We had our little boy, Michael, circumcised at home, by Dr Malik, when he was 5 days old. When Dr Malik arrived, he was immediately reassuring and spent about 40 minutes giving us all the details of the procedure and post-procedure expectancies. I was originally very weary and scared, but Dr Malik’s informative and quiet manner really helped me to relax. The procedure was very quick and Michael did not flinch or cry during the circumcision. The aftercare that we received from Dr Malik was amazing, we were constantly in contact via e-mail and phone and he even took the time to come and check up on Michael when we requested it. The healing process all went according to plan, as Dr Malik explained it. We found Dr Malik to be very professional. Dell and Graeme



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